Choices, Choices, Choices…

We all have so many crossroads demanding a choice to be made each day. One of mine today was “should I write this blog in Dutch, or in English?”

Well, obviously I made my choice. Seeing as my life will be dominated by the English language from November on, and most Dutch people are very proficient in English anyway, it wasn’t really a hard choice. About as hard as choosing to move to Australia. Which, although it was a quick decision, was not necessarily one taken lightly.

Perhaps some more info is appropriate first. I’m a 28 year old Dutch/Swiss guy. I grew up in the Dutch city of The Hague, and spend every vacation in Saanenland, Switzerland. My family is scattered across western Europe, except for my sister, who is still living in The Hague.
I currently live on the ninth floor overlooking most of the city on one side, and overlooking the fields towards the next city over on the other side. With my pearlwhite pussycat who is always by my side.
I’ve been working at the same store since I decided to quit college. Starting out as a temporary Saturday clerk, to eventually managing four different stores by the time I decided to uproot and start over somewhere else.

Forget it, some other guy is going to marry her one day, lucky bastard

After an unfulfilling relationship which lasted 5 years (of which at least 3 where too long), I was a happy single, living life and trying to make the right choices every day. Not the least of those was to finally start growing out my beard. Something I wanted to do for a while. But at some point I realized I wanted someone to share life with.
As a rule I don’t date customers and keep work a separate part of life. So I tried going clubbing again, which sucked. Then I tried some dating websites, all of which were crap, until I happened upon Bristlr. Bristlr connects beards and beardlovers, which I thought might work. And for a while it looked like it did. Although my dates weren’t anything special.
Then one day I noticed this beautiful woman, I looked at her profile and saw she was 14,000 km away. I thought “Forget it, some other guy is going to marry her one day, lucky bastard”. A few days later she popped up on my homescreen again, and I thought, why not like her profile? We matched! I was stunned, she actually liked my profile first?! Now I had to write her a damn message! So I thanked her for the compliment and offered to leave it at that. Thankfully she stayed interested and it wasn’t long before Emma and I exchanged numbers.

We decided we should meet up, and we scheduled for Emma to come to the Netherlands first. Unfortunately something happened at work and she couldn’t make it for another couple of months. I wasn’t going to let some other guy move in though, so I made the choice to book a ticket and just go to Perth to see her. Not knowing that after being in Australia for two weeks I would choose to forever change my life.

Which (finally) brings me back to “the choice not made lightly”. I chose to put my house up for sale, and quit my job as manager of four successful retail stores. Some of you might think, WHY?! and trust me, so did my brain. But I chose to listen to my heart when I went to Australia the first time, and I choose to listen to my heart from now on. Which I think takes trust too. Emma is a great source of support and together we’ve set November as our goal for my return to Terra Australis. And we are still on track!

I don’t consider myself to be very interesting

I don’t consider myself to be very interesting or extraordinary, but I thought I might as well share my move to Australia with others. I have no intentions to provide a step-by-step guide on how to move to Australia or providing must-know lists and shit like that. I just want to document my experiences and share them with those who’d like to read about them. I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.


  1. I love these stories. Will be very interested in hearing how your adventures in Aus pan out. We have a post going up later today on the Australian National Dictionary, so if you read that you’ll be able to arm yourself with some of our more outlandish colloquialisms. All the best.

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  2. WE moved here 12 years ago. Hard the first three years, and I wanted to move back to PNG every month. Now, my sons have finished high school, one in the final semester of Uni and this is our home (Brisbane). Moving to a new country with new cultures is exciting, scary and sometimes the hardships come with fun and special times you will treasure. You will make new friends and even families. 🙂 All the best.

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    1. Thank you, I hope you’re not referring to this;

      Having fallen deeply in love, the couple “will marry, they will suffer, they will frequently worry about money, they will have a girl first, then a boy, one of them will have an affair, there will be passages of boredom, they’ll sometimes want to murder one another and on a few occasions to kill themselves. This will be the real love story.”

      That’s a rather grim and depressing look on love and life in my opinion 😉


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