Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…

The wind is beating us, carrying a mechanical voice with it, coming from the beach, but we can’t make out what he is saying.

I’m sitting in the dunes right now, with one of my good mates, cameras at the ready, waiting for the International Fireworks Festival to start. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting, because the first show of tonight should have started ten minutes ago.

…contemplating about our non-existing exit strategy…

And as I wrote that, the first shots went up. A decent performance by Poland, although I think China did a better job last week. Rogier begged to differ. Now the wait is on for Germany to start.
To be honest we are just happy to still be sitting here, seeing as the police helicopter (affectionately called Zulu) flew right over our heads before the show started, low enough for us not to dare stick our heads up, willing it away before they spot us. Mind you, now that the sun has set and darkness envelopes us, we don’t want to spend much time contemplating about our non-existing exit strategy, so maybe getting picked up by some forest rangers or cops wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Germany started too early, and we were in agreement that their show sucked. Not the least because Rogier had moved his camera to take some pictures of the city. Their show looked like a wealthy family trying to out do the rest of the neighbourhood. It can’t have been a nice festival for them, seeing 7 countries out perform you for two weekends, knowing you’re going to finish off the festival with a flop.

Sadly enough I managed to permanently misplace the remote trigger for my camera the previous weekend, so I had to take a different approach this time. Relying more on quicker shutterspeeds, since long exposures would show the vibration of my finger pushing down the trigger. I still managed to get off 1256 shots, so I’m fairly sure one or two of those will be nice.

Hopefully just as nice as our little trip tonight, and even though we had to climb some fences to get back on the paths, we escaped unscathed by nature and whatever enormous beasts roam there (we saw the products of their digestive tracks) and they were definitely not small.

Picture by Rogier Hernaus

…my last full week on the job!

Sunday will be spend sifting through all those pictures looking for a few decent ones, reorganising and packing my camerabag, ordering a new remote trigger online and then getting ready to start my last full week (and a bit) on the job! Just 8 more days of actual work, and then the wait is finally over and I’ll start working on tying up loose ends. I can’t wait!

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