The To-do List At This Moment

I thought I had most bases covered. But the more I think about all the stuff I still have to take care off, the more I’m starting to see why it is so important to quit my job a month before I fly to Australia.

Now I know I said I’m not going to provide any need-to-know lists, and this isn’t one of them. Let’s start on a positive note and list all the stuff that’s already done;

  • Get Zoey (the pussycat) a rabies shot
  • Get Zoey’s blood tested and the test legalized
  • Get an import permit for Zoey
  • Pack up most stuff I want to take with me
  • Setup an Australian bank account
  • Have the “Notice of intent to marry” legalized by a consul

So far, that doesn’t look very impressive, but thankfully there is a small list of stuff not yet finished but no longer in my/our hands.

  • Visa application
  • Waiting for quotes for Zoey’s transport to Melbourne
  • Waiting for quotes by several moving companies

And then there is the enormous list of stuff that still has to be done.

  • Sell the house (the sooner the better obviously)
  • Get my taxes taken care off
  • Get rid of all my subscriptions (internet, tv, mobile phone, utilities)
  • Give my car back to the Lease-company, or find someone to take over my contract
  • Organize Zoey’s quarantine reservation
  • Organize Zoey’s transport from Melbourne to Perth
  • Book my own ticket
  • Authorize my sister to sell the house for me in my absence
  • Sell all the stuff I’m not taking with me (basically everything that doesn’t fit in a box)

And there’s probably some stuff I’m forgetting too. So hopefully it’s starting to make sense why I’m quitting my job before I leave. Thankfully my very lovely and beautiful fiancee is helping me with everything. I am deeply impressed with people who have to do it all alone.

that would mean you need to pick up your cat in Egypt

For those who are thinking about moving to another country and taking your pet, I do have a little bit of advice. Decide whether or not you want to take your animal with you before you look at the costs, because money shouldn’t be the deciding factor. If I looked at the cost beforehand, I might have made a different decision, but it’s not about the money, it’s about repaying the loyalty an animal gives you. If I could walk there she’d walk with me, but since I’m flying, she has to fly too.
Unfortunately Australia decided to close all quarantine centers and open one huge centralized center instead. Sounds good huh? Except that “centralized” means Melbourne, which isn’t very central at all. Just to put it into perspective, imagine you’re moving to the Netherlands, that would mean you need to pick up your cat in Egypt. That’s why we also need to get a company to bring her to Perth for us, after her minimum of ten days quarantine.

How could I leave that little munchkin behind?

September will be quit a busy month for me, especially combined with a little roadtrip to France with Rogier and Fabian, but friends are important and it will be a while until we´re able to go out on photography expeditions together again. And then October will be the month in which I visit all the family across western Europe, saying my goodbye’s, seeing as it will be at least a year before we’ll come back on vacation.

Looking at things now, I think I’ll book my ticket for November 3rd, but I’ll reevaluate this at the end of September, taking into account how much is left on the to-do-list, and then book my ticket. I’ll probably fly KLM to Singapore, and then Singapore Airlines to Perth. It’s about a 12 hour flight to Singapore, but at least I’ll be traveling in the comfort of KLM’s Economy Comfort class, which in my opinion is worth the extra €80,- every single minute of your flight. But I’ll talk about my previous and upcoming experiences in air travel another time.

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