End Of An Era

At least, according to a customer at work. Yesterday was my last day on the job, and strangely enough it mostly felt like any other day. I just came in, and did my best. The only thing that was different was the amount of handshaking and the presents some of my customers brought me. It felt weird leaving work, but not much weirder than I felt this last month really.

While driving home for the last time, I was thinking about all the nice things people said to me, and how grateful I actually am to have been given the chance to work where I did. I think leaving a job out of free will, and part of you still feeling sad about it, is what you could call a privilege.

…client satisfaction was a whopping 100%…

Like I said before, it is a strange feeling to no longer be in control of a store you helped build. I always compared my store to one of those old steam locomotives, slowly creeping uphill. No matter the weather, it will always trod along, as long as you keep shoveling coal. I just hope they’re not going to cut down on the coals and expect the locomotive to keep going.
But if they do, what’s it to me, really? I should just be proud to where I took that store with my colleagues, with the help, but most of all carte blanche, the previous owners gave me to do what I thought was needed. I am very grateful for the confidence and trust they displayed, it not only helped the store grow, but me as  a person too.
In the past weeks I slowly came to terms with no longer having anything to say about the store. I am therefore extra proud of myself to simply shift my focus even more on customer care. I may have broken some small (postal) rules the last few days, but my client satisfaction was a whopping 100% I’m sure!

My first thought was to use today, my first day of unemployment since childhood, to do as much as possible. But instead I was woken up by Zoey, alarming me that I was late for work (she obviously didn’t get the memo). Then comforting her and sleeping in together. When I woke up again the real estate agent had emailed me to let me know there’s a viewing scheduled for tomorrow! So I spend the entire day thoroughly cleaning the house instead. Rescheduling an appointment I had today for tomorrow, since he needs me to make myself scarce for a while, perhaps he thinks my face won’t do the chances of us selling the house any good. So I decided to just relax for the remainder of this week all together.

It apparently takes bravery…

I think it would do me good to “waste” a few days reflecting on the past nine years, and especially the last few weeks. Thinking about everything that happened, and the things customers said to me. Perhaps one of the things said to me that I think about recently most, is the notion that what I’m doing right now is very brave. A few persons said so. It apparently takes bravery to move to the other side of the globe, and I am brave for doing so. Yet if it is such a display of bravery, then why does it scare me at the same time? Perhaps bravery just means not letting your fears get in the way of your goals…

While cleaning up the house I also did some packing, just a box or two. Enough though for Zoey to think the move is now imminent and she decided to sleep on one of the boxes today, just in case I would try to sneak out on her. I wish I could tell her what’s in store for her, and explain to her why I’ll be leaving before she is. I hope she won’t hold a grudge when we are finally reunited. Otherwise I’ll just bribe her with Tuna, olives, and corn. Or maybe just hug it out with her until she forgives me, although that would probably take some real bravery.

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