Trying To Adapt (Already)

Just over seven weeks left before the big departure. I say big, but it’s going to be just another flight in the big scheme of things. The past week felt like an uneasy vacation, trying to adapt to a life in which you need to build and maintain your own structure. And here I was, thinking my first struggle with adapting to a new life wouldn’t begin until I arrived in Perth.
I’m doing fine in my opinion, although I still have that constant feeling of not reaching up to my full potential.

Owning up to it is step one, right?

I’ve always had that though. I don’t really know when it started, but I like to do things the hard way and not quit until I’m satisfied with the result. Come to think of it, it’s definitely something that started after highschool. I have high expectations of myself, and those who I work with, something which sets me up for disappointment more often than I wish it would. Owning up to it is step one, right?
This mentality is starting to turn a bit on me know. A lot of stuff that needs to be taken care of is either out of my hands, or waiting for a response from certain persons and/or companies. I have to keep reminding myself that I am already doing everything I can, and there simply isn’t anything else for me to do. Yet I still feel like I should be doing more than I currently am.

Shall we do a little list again? Why not;

  • Zoey is awaiting confirmation for her reservation into PEQ (Post Entry Quarantine). Afer this I can finally start making appointments with the veterinarian and the Government Official Veterinarian (NVWA for the Dutch people reading this). And of course book her flight.
  • Still waiting for the house to get sold….
  • Waiting for my accountant to respond to my email about the tax returns. There’s no sense in filing my taxes as long as I still own the house.
  • I have to go to the courthouse and get some documents legalized (diploma for instance)
  • I have to make an appointment with a certain company to come by and check my car for any damages. After that it’s a matter of waiting until the end of October to give it back to the lease company.
  • I need to cancel some insurances, but I first need to sort out which ones I can let go off and which ones I need to keep for a while.
  • Need to start selling my stuff online I reckon, if I’m not in a hurry I can wait for people to come up with some fair offers.
  • And I guess I could pack some more stuff.

I’ll miss those crazy guys…

Moving the stuff is another story. The prices are really good, that’s not the problem. But the importing is a bit more difficult with the type of visa I’m getting. So Emma and I decided to keep the stuff here for a while, until it’ll be easier to get them shipped over. It’s just stuff I don’t really need on a daily basis anyway.


I also promised Emma I would try really hard to relax now that I’m no longer a member of the workforce. Going out with Rogier and Fabian for some photography really helps with making good on that promise. I’ll miss those crazy guys when I’m gone Downunder, but we’re already making plans to meet up somewhere in the middle once or twice a year for some photo shootin’.

And of course Emma and I are determined to come back to Europe once a year to visit family and friends. If it all works out the way we envision it obviously. But with my ability/disability to always push myself to the limit I like to think it will.

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