Misty Mornings

My breath forms thin clouds in the cold air. The familiar sting of cold wind on the parts of my face not covered in hair. I’m SO happy with my beard right now. There is this near constant haze of mist clinging to the city, and it’s about -1 degrees outside today, thankfully it’s a little warmer inside.

Three bus stops later

My genes kicked in quickly after exiting the airplane and although I can feel the cold, it doesn’t strike me as intrusive as it might do to others. In fleeting moments it’s even enjoyable. I’m staying at the pied a terre, which is old, without modern insulation. And although there is central heating, it’s partial to the upper floors. Again, I don’t mind it too much, although yesterday I was contemplating wearing my new ski pants.
I can hardly remember what my snow clothes looked like, the last time I owned some. So with the upcoming trip to Switzerland with the guys, we headed into town to stock up. I went with blue this time instead of green, for the very simple reason that they didn’t have green for the men.
It sounds a bit like we had to travel to town, but being back in The Netherlands that means I walked there. I was going to take the bus, but I missed it and decided to walk to the next bus stop instead of waiting for ta new bus in the cold. Three bus stops later I was actually closer to the city than the route the bus would take, so I figured I might as well walk on. Gotta love a little country like that.

It takes a little getting used to not having a car. I’m a disgrace for the Dutch people in not owning a bike, but I hated riding bikes so much I vowed never to ride one again out of free will as soon as I got my license. And if you can’t keep a promise to yourself, what good is there to become of you, right?
Thankfully I can always pester my sister to lend me her wheels when I need them. She’s always very comfortable with lending me her partners car (as opposed to her own). She might think I forgot how to ride on the right side of the road in the past three months. In all fairness driving to friends the other day did feel a bit unnerving. But perhaps that had more to do with having to drive a manual transmission again. Oh, and if someone could decide on which side the indicator controls go, that would be marvelous, I’m getting really tired of turning on the windscreen wipers every time I want to take a corner.

a naked chicken

Now, a little update about the house. The knob who “bought” it still hasn’t put down his deposit or sorted out his mortgage. I try never to write when I’m angry or pissed off, but he is starting to make that really hard. My real estate agent has a feeling this guy needs time to sort stuff out, and for some reason thinks that, as long as he doesn’t respond to us, he has it. If I didn’t need a police clearance for my visa I would highly likely punch him square in the face. I know that wouldn’t get me my money, but perhaps I’ll feel a little better for the remainder of that day.
All jokes aside though, it’s starting to stress me out more than it should. His (financial) problems shouldn’t be mine, and technically they’re not. It just baffles me a grown up man can be this thick and rude. The thing which troubles me the most is the deposit. There is a Dutch saying that roughly translates to “you can’t pluck a naked chicken” and how funny that may sound, it is absolutely true. On the one hand I tend to think that’s not my problem. But then, on the other hand, it is kind of becoming a problem for me by now.

Annoyingly the logic of this obnoxious &%$#* is not entirely flawed. It is, in essence, the same tactic the Russians have been using for decades. You say one thing then do something else, because you know the other side has very limited means to stop you. Europe wouldn’t want to go to war with Russia over small stuff, and I don’t want to take this dude to court. But at some point he will leave me no choice I’m afraid. Let’s hope he finds some manners, wherever he stores them, and does the right thing before it escalates any further.

not very jet lagged

In the meantime I try to keep occupied by going out to the woods, walking and taking photographs, cleaning my camera and lenses, editing old and new photo’s, reading books, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, changing the website (hope you like it!), and writing this blog post. I’m not very jet lagged this time, my rhythm is actually pretty normal, except that I keep waking up at four in the morning. I keep thinking I should get up and do some night photography in the city, but the prospect of going out in the freezing cold has thus far won every night. Maybe tomorrow, then again, maybe not.

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