At The Vet Again

If I look out the window next to me, I can just about see the top of the animal hospital billboard in the distance. I assume the roof next to it must therefore be the hospital itself, and in an hour or so, the people in there will be operating on Zoey.

Despite appearing to be doing better when I wrote my previous blog, she was very sluggish this morning, and wouldn’t drink or eat. It isn’t unusual for her to refuse dry food, since not everything appears to be up to her standard, but it is nothing like her to refuse wet food. Although, come to think of it she did refuse some once before, because it was not up to spec. But that was years ago. So I called the vet and they were able to fit Zoey in today.

a bigger arsehole

As one might expect, we didn’t have to drive far to get to a place I can see from the window. There was an older lady in the waiting room, and a lady with a huge dog. They were friendly but I wasn’t really in the mood for small talk, so I’m afraid I may have come across a tad blunt or rude. I think they understood though when I told them why I was there. Perhaps it’s still a bit unnatural to the Dutchman in me to be open to strangers. Or maybe I’m a bigger arsehole than I pretend to be, and that shows when my cat gets sick. Who knows?

I explained to the vet what got me worried, and he could tell her guts were a bit funny, and hurting her. He also took her temperature, which prompted Zoey to climb onto my shoulder and not come down until he put the thermometer away. After that, the vet took Zoey for an X-ray to determine if perhaps her intestines were blocked, and unfortunately, but not surprisingly, they were. The next step would normally be an ultrasound, to determine what is stuck there with more certainty, but since the eventual outcome was bound to be surgery, I opted to skip that step.

First of all, I would have to go to a specialized place to get one done, if they’d be able to fit me in at all on such short notice, and secondly if an operation was necessary regardless of what was obstructing her guts, I wasn’t going to waste time and money on an ultrasound. So it was with a heavy heart, that I left her behind at the vet, and headed home, awaiting a phone call later that evening.

good luck

And that’s where we’re at now. Sitting at my computer, waiting for a phone call. If all went well, and the blockage hasn’t damaged the intestines, she can stay with the vet overnight. If the surgery turns out to be more extensive, she will be transferred to another location that offers 24 hours surveillance. I’m hoping that won’t be necessary. Of course because I don’t want Zoey to go through a big operation, but also because for these sort of things, Australia is not cheaper than The Netherlands. Although I have never had to pay for something similar in The Netherlands, I’m doubtful it would cost more than the minimum of $2000+, we’re looking at tonight.

I don’t care about spending the money, it cost us more to even get her here in the first place, although it will mean I’ll have to put off my last two modules of study. Life’s not perfect and it isn’t meant to be. It is a bit annoying though how they just give you a minimum price, and a “good luck with hoping it won’t be more, mate!” but I guess that’s just how those things go. I wonder how that works with “human” operations. You never know about that stuff because the hospital just deals with the health insurance. And you never ask the hospital how much it’ll be to fix you up, since your alternative is unlikely to be better than getting the surgery done.

some dumb shit

I wonder what it is she ate, or if not that, what caused the obstruction. As a kitten she ate a piece of string once, but she just passed that. That’s the only reason I know she ate it. For a smart cat she can do some dumb shit. I just feel like I failed her a bit. I know she eats stuff she’s not supposed to, so if she get’s to eat something anyway, it kinda feels like my fault for not putting it away. I know it’s impossible to prevent something like that, but try explaining that to the perfectionist in me. And I feel bad for having to leave her behind with strangers again.

I should probably start dinner in a few minutes. Emma will be on her way home from work. I’m not very hungry though, so I can’t find much motivation to spend lots of time in the kitchen. At least writing this blog post helps me spend the time. I apologise if that means I am now wasting yours with rambling. Hopefully by the time I’m done cooking and eating, I’ll be able to disclose the outcome of the surgery. I wouldn’t want to have to leave it until the next blog.

Well, you’re in luck, the vet just called. strangely enough, he couldn’t find a thing, although there may still be something small in her stomach. He had a feel, but couldn’t find anything. So now she’s on fluids to get rehydrated, and on antibiotics as a preventative measure, to treat possible pancreatitis. She’s also getting anti-nausea drugs to help stabilise her stomach. I get to pick her up tomorrow, so fingers crossed costs won’t be too high. I might ask Emma to wait in the car with the engine running in case they are.

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