Dutch Courage

I started adding watermarks to my pictures last week. It still feels a bit pretentious. As if my pictures are so awesome everybody is trying to steal them, and as if people don’t know how to crop if they would. But on the other hand, it’s also a way of branding a product. Even though I don’t really consider my photographs to be products. Maybe it just feels nice to make something and then put your name on it.

The last week I’ve had ample time to play around with my camera. My new lens, a nifty fifty (50mm), came in, and Emma has given me a proper i-TTL flashlight. I never liked flash photography, but I found out that the cause of that dislike was just the little build-in flash.

There is quite a lot more to photograph if you can get the lighting right, or maybe I should say, if you have more and/or better means of directing the light available. I could have done with a remote trigger this arvo when I tried to capture water droplets. I took 717 photographs, of which 502 didn’t contain a droplet, and 20-ish turned out to have enough potential for post processing. I still have lots and lots to discover about correctly using the flash, but it’s nice to have something new to learn.

we’re all aviators

Especially since I finished the last module of my theory course! A very decent 93% in Air Law & Flight Rules, which I was obviously very pleased with. I am most pleased, however, with passing all modules consecutively without pause, which hasn’t been done for quite some time at Rotorvation.

There is a certain unfairness in the Helicopter Air Law exam. We are expected to learn everything the fixed wing people need to know, and then the helicopter exemptions on top of that. Good thing helicopter pilots are such able minded people. It’s funny to realise that fixed wing pilots almost always show up to the exam venue in their flight “uniforms”, with their wings on their chest, and bar codes on their sleeves. Whereas helicopter pilots are easily identifiable by their leisure wear. At the end of the day we’re all aviators, even though some are a little more aviator than others.

For the next few weeks, I’ll be focussing on the wedding and enjoying having my mum and friends over from Europe. After that I’ll start with accumulating the flight hours necessary to obtain my pilot’s licence.

my Temporary Spouse Visa

It’s just three more weeks until the wedding, and two weeks until my mum arrives from France. And Rogier and Fabian will be arriving a few days later. Most things for the wedding have been arranged, and the things that haven’t are, to be objective and honest, not that essential to the actual wedding itself. Although perhaps the booze might be essential, in case I need some Dutch courage. That’s a joke, in case immigration is reading this to see if the marriage is legit.

After the wedding we’ll apply for my Temporary Spouse Visa, which sounds like the spouse thing is temporary, but I’m sure they mean the visa. If I’m not mistaken, it will then take up to a year before they turn that into a Permanent Spouse Visa, but I’m not sure why that takes so long. I’ve already been screened when applying for my current visa, so I figure it might be to see if the union will hold or something. Maybe they just have a big backlog.

That reminds me of a realisation I had today. When I got x-rayed, to test for tuberculosis, I arrived at the clinic free of tuberculosis. But that doesn’t mean I left there in the same state. For all I know someone in the waiting area had open TB and now we all have it, contrary to what the x-rays showed that day.

from Lightroom to Photoshop

Anyway, with the extra time I have left, now that I don’t need to go to Jandakot anymore for classes, I started to get into Photoshop CC. It’s part of my Adobe Creative Cloud package, but I normally only use Lightroom for post-editing. To me Photoshop has a negative undertone to it. It makes you think of fake magazine covers, or very artistic, but also unrealistic pictures, which are just not my thing. But, truth be told, the more I find out about what Photoshop can do, the more often I find myself switching from Lightroom to Photoshop and back again. The two just work well together I suppose.  And I used it to create the new website logo and accompanying watermark, both of which I’m very pleased with. As well as turning my signature into a watermark for my other photographs.

I’m kind of at that stage, where I still consider myself an amateur photographer, but at the same time, the myriad of lenses and peripherals I have accumulated, no longer puts me in that category. There is always one item in your camera bag that is the most limiting, and that becomes the next thing to upgrade. For me, at the moment, that would be the camera body itself. I don’t remember where I originally read it, but whoever said it was very right. “You should teach your children photography, that way they won’t have any money left to do drugs”

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