I was pretty happy Emma went first on  the “I do’s”. Not because I didn’t want to go first, but because she said “I will”, which was the grammatically correct response to the question asked by the celebrant. Which made me realise I would have said “I do”, and that would have been weird. Prime example on how we compliment each other!

“you feel the ring”

It has been a month or so since the last blog. And as always when a lot has happened, I don’t really know where to start. It should be obvious that the most significant happening has been the wedding. It went almost exactly as planned, and both I and Emma look back on a very succesful and fulfilling wedding day. People like to ask me “how does it feel to be married?” and to be honest, all I can say is “you feel the ring”. It’s a consolidation of an already solid relationship, and I honestly think being married shouldn’t change your relationship.

What the last weeks has changed however, is my willingness to edit photographs. Normally I look forward to editing a lot, but with nearly 4000 photographs ready to be tagged, sorted, and edited, I feel a little reluctant to be honest. I couldn’t even bring myself to cleaning my kit for the first few days.

I’m halfway done with tagging, but I still have a lot of pictures that need their GPS coordinates checked and corrected. I like geotagging, but, as all electronics, it’s not flawless. So for most pictures it saves me loads of work, but the occasional photograph actually creates a lot of work for me in return. It’s nice of Lightroom to plot them on a map for you, though, making it easy to keep track of the places you have been.

“I don’t do fake”

I can completely understand why our wedding photographer hasn’t sent us the photo’s yet. Although she’s being paid good money, so maybe that changes things a little bit. She was cool to work with though. The celebrant told her we would do a mock signing just for the pictures, to which our photographer said; “I don’t do fake. But don’t worry about me, I’ll get my shots”. She also took some nice pictures of couples attending our wedding, which I thought was cool of her.

Then we had Anna and Gregg, who provided every one with delicious cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks, from their baravan. The baravan is called Charlie&Colette, which is why I was a little surprised to learn their names at first. Since we had two late cancellations,(and one no-show), we offered them to have the surplus meals that the caterer had prepared. I was happy they accepted them, because I don’t like wasting food, especially if it’s as gorgeous as the food Laundry43 makes. We also offered Aimee (the photographer) a plate, but she had dinner plans with her family.

The meals made by the caterer were so tasty and filling, we didn’t even get around to cutting the cake. Which we therefore ate the day after. The lolly buffet got plundered on the way out by most though, which was exactly our intention.

“more crap than I remembered”

Before the wedding, I had a few wonderfully days with my mother, and when she left not long after the wedding, I still had two weeks with Rogier and Fabian. As mentioned before, I shot a lot of digital “film” during our travels, which basically covered the West coast from Walpole in the South, up to Denham in Shark Bay. I’m going to tell you all about those trips later, because I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in one post anyway.

The removalist finally delivered all my stuff! I packed more crap than I remembered, but at least everything made it, and only one thing got broken. A cheap thing, so I don’t care. Come to think of it, the bathroom scale we chucked in one of the boxes broke a few days later when Emma picked it up. It just shattered, so perhaps it got stressed while in transit or something. Thankfully she wasn’t standing on it when it burst into tiny pieces.

Then the knob who was supposed to start paying off his debt will keep me waiting another 6 months because of a “priority debtor” (which is probs the state) getting their money first. It won’t be much he’s going to pay each month, but every euro is considered a bonus. To be fair, I don’t care much for getting the money, I just want him to lose it.

Zoey is still sick, but at least she’s alive. And I applied for a couple of jobs, so I can finally get back into a routine, and start paying for flight lessons! Provided I get one of them obviously. Speaking a native language is considered a bonus for one of them though, so with native Dutch, and a bit of French and German, I have high hopes of landing that particular one. Although I’m probably going to treat myself on a new camera body first, instead of flying. Why? Because I want to.


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