Job Hunting

Long overdue this one. It’s a strange combination of nothing happening the last couple of weeks, and still so much to talk about from the wedding last month. And also I just didn’t really feel like writing, which happens. More days than not to be honest.

“a means to an end”

As the title would have you believe, I am now fully on the hunt for a job. Which, it turns out, is not as easy as I had told myself a year ago. Getting rejected for store management positions within half an hour wasn’t exactly what I had expected. I get that I’m not the only one looking for a job, but I forgot that most recruiters don’t even open your cover letter or resume. Truth be told, it doesn’t exactly come natural to me to bullshit people, so saying I am looking for a long-term career doesn’t really sit right with me either. Because whatever job I land, will be just a means to an end, paying for flight lessons.

I’m also gearing up to enter the next phase in my visa-journey. Applying for the subclass 820 (temporary partner visa) turns out to be just as much work as applying for the 300 (prospective spouse visa). As “Anthony” explained to me as unenthusiastic as humanly possible, after being on hold for one hour and 32 minutes. The “logic” behind this is that my 300 was lodged from abroad, and therefore all those digital documents are in Berlin, and my 820 will be lodged from within Australia, so they don’t have those documents here. If only there was a way of sending digital files from one place to another with almost the speed of light… Mind you, if the department of immigration is connected to the NBN, it would probably take them years to download the files from Berlin.

At least it gives me plenty of time to get out and shoot stuff. With the camera, obviously! And for the days I don’t feel like sunlight, I still have tons and tons of photographs to edit from my road trip with Rogier and Fabian. Although I have to admit that just makes me miss them after 10-15 minutes. Same with the pictures from when my mum was here. Whoever coined the phrase “at least we still have the pictures” was not living a world away from his family and friends. It’s probably the same reason why I haven’t really posted more about when they were here. I will though, later.

“How do you people make any money?”

In the good news department however; public transport is insanely cheap here! I haven’t had a need to use it before, but the other day I had to go into the CBD to get our marriage certificate. For the next visa and so Emma can change her last name. I paid $3,10 to take a bus to the train station, and then get a train to the city on the same ticket. That’s €1,96 for the Europeans. Pretty cheap, huh?

The bus was just like the busses in The Hague, as clean as you can expect public transport to be. The train is nothing like the (apparently) huge trains we have driving around Europe. It reminded me more of our streetcars, but a little wider, and a lot faster. The interior is pretty much the same as our streetcars. The ceiling is a little low though, it is probably 2m in the middle, but I didn’t have more than a few centimeters clearance on the sides. Nothing stopping me from getting to the city so far.

Now the real surprises started when I was done at the Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages. And I was already surprised at how smooth and quick I got our certificate when there. The ticket I had bought from the bus driver, appeared to be valid for another hour and a half. Which meant I could use it to take the train back, and then hop on the bus again, without extra charge. This obviously seemed to good to be true to my Dutch side, so I asked a Railway police constable I saw at the station, if my ticket was indeed still valid. He thought that was a weird question as he pointed out the ticket quite clearly said “Expiry: 15:29”. To which I could only respond with an honest “How do you people make any money?”. I messaged Em it was impossible for me to come visit her at work real quick, because I had never been on two busses and two train for $3,10 before, and my formative years in The Netherlands would not let me pass up such an opportunity. If you’re Dutch, that makes your whole week.

Also, every Friday and Saturday night, between 12.30am and 3am, you can take the train for free, because Transperth wants you to get home safe. According to the advertisement in the train: “It’s all part of the bigger picture”. 

“It takes just an hour” 

The weekend before last, we spend a lovely morning on the water with Sare, Gaz, Mayse, and Molly. We went down to Mandurah, about an hours driving South of Perth. Which a year ago would have put me in another country, but now you’re just in the outer suburbs. And as I am slowly transforming into an Aussie, I decided to drive back to Mandurah the next Monday (since it takes just an mere hour) and take the big lens with me to do some birdwatching. If you’d like to see those pictures, feel free to follow the Photography tab form the homepage menu. I missed out on two good shots because both times the GPS tracker had drained my battery. It’s nice to have the coordinates for pictures, but at moments like that I’m not so sure it’s worth it.

After walking up and down the Creery Wetlands Reserve, during which I almost stepped on a sleeping kangaroo, I crossed the river and walked up and down the Len Howard Conservation Park. Were I spotted the Blue-banded Bee, which I had honestly not expected to ever do with my camera.

“be it a bird or a helicopter”

I always wondered why my grandparents were so excited about birdwatching when I was young, but the excitement and sense of accomplishment when you get a good photograph of a bird you haven’t seen before makes me understand. The binoculars they bought for me as a kid, are now standing on my desk, ready to look at whatever flies by the window, be it a bird or a helicopter.

This weekend we took Mayse and Molly shopping, so they could buy their parents some Christmas gifts without them seeing what they are getting. I walked past the hats and saw one thinking “that’ll be nice for when I’m out looking for birds”. It makes me look like an old man, but I guess looking for birds in the bush makes me look like an old man too.

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