Back To The Daily Grind

Unfortunately, I can no longer claim never to have been in a police car. On the plus side though, I can now say I drove one, legally. I had to pick up a vehicle from a dealership, and take it over to my new workplace, for a wheel alignment. Only to find out the car I was picking up, was an undercover car owned by WA Police. I resisted the urge to play with all the buttons, but I did accidentally let out a very distinct police “whoop” instead of sounding the horn, when turning into the workshop.

About four weeks ago, I was still applying to multiple jobs per day, when I got a call. The question was if I could come in later the same day for an interview, which I was fine with. One interview and personality test later, I was the latest addition to the sales team of a tyre shop. Not quite the same as selling tobacco, or working at the post office, but sales is sales.

“So much for trusting your own kids”

Four weeks in, I have good and bad days. I’m still getting used to not being in-the-know. After working the same job for nine years, there was always something for me to do, and seemingly nothing I couldn’t do. Now, whenever I finish one task, I have nothing left to do, until someone gives me a new task. And standing around, doing nothing, annoys me. It frustrates me when I can’t find the info I’m looking for quick enough, or the lack of communication sometimes.

On the good days, I manage to help people, I learn how to handle fleet jobs more efficiently, I help the mechanic with setting up a framework in which we can start doing more technical jobs, like working on brakes, or suspension. On good days, I drive undercover cop cars, luxurious sedans, massive utes, or utes so new they still have plastic on the steering wheel and no licence plates. Even the day a lady brought in her car with an alcohol lock was a good one. Allegedly she had it installed herself, because her son just got his driver’s licence and this would ensure he wouldn’t drive her car drunk. So much for trusting your own kids.

“you’ll find assholes everywhere” 

Fortunately, most days are mostly good ones. I’m still surprised how rude some people can be on the phone when calling you, but I guess you’ll find assholes everywhere. I understand I won’t be able to work as efficiently as I used to do, for at least the next year or maybe even longer. And some days I really have to remind myself that this is not a career, it’s a means to an end. I’m selling tyres to fly. And luckily, I make enough to fly one hour a week. As soon as Emma gets a new job, that is. The week I started my new job, turned out to be the last one on hers. One of the downsides of a casual contract, I suppose.

The best part about my new job however, are the laughs. Because whenever I’ve had someone rude on the phone, or I failed miserably at something which seemed easy to do, I can always walk into the workshop. And in the workshop there is always someone to crack a joke with. And no matter what the day brings, as long as there is time and room for some laughs, you can’t really go wrong in my book.

“a purple carrot”

Regardless of jokes though, like last year, I’m finding it hard to get into the Christmas spirit with this warm weather. I expect that to last for a couple of years. There is simply something not quite right with  warm and bright Christmas days. It’s a bit like a purple carrot. You know it’s still a carrot, and it tastes the same, but it’s not what you grew up with, and therefore it’s just odd. And seeing photos of Europe covered in snow, just amplifies that feeling.  Regardless of the christmas carrot being purple or not, it will be a welcome three-day respite from work. I forgot how tiring it is to start a new job, and I’m looking forward to the first dream that doesn’t somehow feature a tyre in it.

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