All Kinds Of Weird

Emma and I were walking in the John Forrest National Park, and found ourselves a bit disappointed with the lack of wildlife. On our way back to the car however, we figured out it probably had something to do with the massive bushfire that was raging out of control not far from where we were.

On the way home the massive billowing cloud of smoke and ash started overtaking us, and it ended up beating us to Perth. Despite the source of the fire being in Mundaring, roughly 30km east of the city, the smoke reached all the way to the ocean. According to the news, over 150 firefighters are working hard to get it under control, but the wait is for the remnants of tropical cyclone Joyce to hurry up and get to Perth tonight, promising five times the amount of rain in one night,that we normally receive during the entire month.

“a missed chance”

Apparently the police suspect someone lit the fire on purpose. And thinking of the weirdos we sometimes get in the store, I’m not surprised there are idiots out there who would do that. We even had some punks puncture the fuel tank of one of our work utes and tried to light the massive puddle of fuel on fire. We could see it on the security cameras the next day. Obviously, you can’t ignite diesel with a simple open flame, and everybody is still on the fence about whether that is a good thing, or a missed chance to get rid of two idiots.

I’m feeling more confident at work, although I still prefer to drive out to the dealerships, instead of answering the phone. It is still tiring to wake up at 06.30 six days a week, even though Saturdays are half days. Last Saturday the manager had a day off, and we actually had a pretty productive day. It was nice to pull together with the sales team and make it work. Some days I’m not sure how I feel about work, but I reckon that’s simply because I enjoyed my old job in the Netherlands so much, and you can’t compare those two. And at least I don’t hate or resent my job, and I don’t dislike going to work in the morning, so I can’t really complain I think.

“a sign of stupidity”

Some days are obviously more fun than others. I got to drive a hearse a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t stop giggling for the rest of the day, after doing 70 kph in “Sports” mode. They are terrible at turning around though, and getting it in and out of the workshop wasn’t easy.

Driving undercover cop cars never gets old either. Dealing with cops that drop off a punctured spare tyre is less amusing though. Cops here take themselves a bit too seriously I think. No room for a joke or a cheeky comment. And apparently it takes three constables to drop off a single tyre. I always like to repeat the expectations of the customer, to make sure we are all on the same page. The police officer, for some reason, took this as a sign of stupidity, and was acting smug afterwards. He lost that attitude quickly though when he couldn’t figure out how to get the mileage on his display.

“shitty music”

I wonder if they were dropping of punctured tyres the day before Christmas, when Emma tried to visit the police station to report some junky had smashed our car window, only to discover that the police station is open between 08:00-16:00 Monday through Friday, because crime doesn’t happen outside of those hours obviously. Whoever thought it necessary to smash the car window wasn’t very bright. He (or she) didn’t take the coins in the centre console, but he did take the bug spray and my USB stick with shitty music. I hope whichever dealer he gave the USB to, beat the shit out of him for bringing back such terrible music.

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