Year One Almost Done

Wow, I thought I was a few weeks behind with writing a blog post, but it looks like it’s been a full three months since I last posted something! I kind of felt like the days were all blending into one, but I hadn’t realised it has been this long. In my defense, there hasn’t been that much to write about.

“Summer came and went”

Most days all pan out roughly the same. I give quotes on tyres, drive the truck to pick up tyres for rush jobs, are on hold for 30 minutes with lease companies, deliver cars to clients, and try to find time to eat my lunch. Waking up early six days a week leaves little time to do photography, or other hobbies for that matter.

Summer came and went, almost unnoticed. A sunny day is a sunny day. Thankfully I have been spared the notorious +40°C days this season, to the regret of some hardcore Aussies. Other than getting used to the climate, I think I have settled in rather well. My first full year in Australia is almost a fact, although sometimes it feels like I’ve never lived anywhere else. Receiving mail from the Dutch Taxation Office however, is a stark reminder that I most certainly have. For some reason I have to do my tax return on paper like it’s the 1980’s, even though Dutch citizens living in The Netherlands get to use their digital ID’s and do it all online in a matter of minutes.

“thoughts of days gone by”

Speaking of government bodies, I am also still awaiting a decision on my Temporary Spouse visa. Practically speaking it won’t affect me much, I can do everything on my Bridging Visa A right now, except for leaving the country, or getting finance on a car. And since Emma is starting her new job after Easter, I could do with my own car. Not just to commute to work, but not having a car to call my own for almost two years (longer if you count the lease cars) is starting to annoy me.

With Emma working again, the goal of starting my flight lessons is coming closer again too. Although not the highest priority to me at the moment. I’d rather lay a strong foundation for the years to come, before dumping bucket loads of money into flight hours.

Flying back to Europe is kind of subject to that philosophy too. I would obviously love to see family and friends again, but at the same time I need to tend to my responsibilties here. Some days I feel a little nostalgic about my years in The Hague, but I wouldn’t call the thoughts of days gone by strong enough the diagnose myself “homesick”. Maybe I’ll do a quick trip later this year, especially if ticket prices keep dropping like they have the last couple of months.

“my two cents”

Getting back into a rhythm has been something I was looking forward to a lot six months ago, but seeing how easily the days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, I sometimes feel I didn’t do enough exploring when I had the chance. At the same time though, I’m getting to know more places in Perth doing deliveries and pick ups for work. It’s nice to not be a manager, although sometimes it would be nice to have more control over certain aspects of the business. At least I can always put my two cents in when I want to, and at the end of the day I’m glad I just get to go home, and not be responisble for everything. And like I said before, being out and about almost every day, even if for just a few minutes, is really not a bad way to earn a living.

Getting paid every week has sadly lost it’s novelty by now, athough the amount is still quite satisfying. With Emma’s wages complementing our family income soon, we’re looking pretty good for the future. As mentioned above, after getting ourselves on track and with a stable position to fall back on, even a sustained schedule of regular flight training hours should be well within our reach.

“a busy and hectic day”

Tomorrow is the Saturday before Easter, and it is poised to be a busy and hectic day. As with Christmas/ New Years Eve, we will be one of the few tyre shops open. We’ll also be working with a skeleton crew, due to all kinds of factors. At least it’s just four hours, and the busier we are, the quicker time will go by. As if the days aren’t short enough already.

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