Back to School (Again)

The smell of spring hung in the air. The street was almost deserted and the school zone signs lazily flashed for the couple of cars slowly rolling past. For some reason the smell strangely reminded me of summers at school in The Netherlands. Wednesday was my first day of work placement at an Education Support Centre.

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Lions And Pussy Cats

The longer it’s been since I wrote on here, the more it feels like I have to. And the more I feel like not doing exactly that. But, the longer I wait, the more stuff I’ll have to catch up on. And with a long-awaited trip back to Europe fast approaching, I’d better get you up to speed now, and clear the way for airline travel-related posts. Where to start though, the new cats, or my new lion?

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The house has been a little quieter since Saturday morning. The kittens are trying hard to make sure it isn’t, but there is an almost hidden silence. It’s most noticeable when we come home, when we are cooking, or when we wake up. Continue reading “Silence”

Random Days

Some days, when I’m outside in the lane way checking tyres, or taking pictures of rims for Gumtree, I see VH-IDW flying overhead. Victor 65, the VFR route that takes helicopters in a loop around Perth’s city centre, ends overhead Herdsman lake, which is basically across the road from the shop. I always look up, and wonder how much I have forgotten about helicopters, since finishing my theory exams. Continue reading “Random Days”

Year One Almost Done

Wow, I thought I was a few weeks behind with writing a blog post, but it looks like it’s been a full three months since I last posted something! I kind of felt like the days were all blending into one, but I hadn’t realised it has been this long. In my defense, Continue reading “Year One Almost Done”

All Kinds Of Weird

Emma and I were walking in the John Forrest National Park, and found ourselves a bit disappointed with the lack of wildlife. On our way back to the car however, we figured out it probably had something to do with the massive bushfire that was raging out of control not far from where we were.

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Back To The Daily Grind

Unfortunately, I can no longer claim never to have been in a police car. On the plus side though, I can now say I drove one, legally. I had to pick up a vehicle from a dealership, and take it over to my new workplace, for a wheel alignment. Only to find out the car I was picking up, was an undercover car owned by WA Police. I resisted the urge to play with all the buttons, but I did accidentally let out a very distinct police “whoop” instead of sounding the horn, when turning into the workshop.

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Job Hunting

Long overdue this one. It’s a strange combination of nothing happening the last couple of weeks, and still so much to talk about from the wedding last month. And also I just didn’t really feel like writing, which happens. More days than not to be honest.

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I was pretty happy Emma went first on  the “I do’s”. Not because I didn’t want to go first, but because she said “I will”, which was the grammatically correct response to the question asked by the celebrant. Which made me realise I would have said “I do”, and that would have been weird. Prime example on how we compliment each other!

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Dutch Courage

I started adding watermarks to my pictures last week. It still feels a bit pretentious. As if my pictures are so awesome everybody is trying to steal them, and as if people don’t know how to crop if they would. But on the other hand, it’s also a way of branding a product. Even though I don’t really consider my photographs to be products. Maybe it just feels nice to make something and then put your name on it.

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