Jackie & Wilson

The rain had been coming down for most of the night. It was the morning of the wettest day for Perth in 31 years. As I got in the shower, I imagined traffic being backed up for kilometres, and tried to get in the right state of mind for a long morning of sitting in traffic. I was therefore extremely surprised to get to the city center in seemingly record time! Only to see the first sign of trouble on the normally free-flowing stretch to Jandakot… Continue reading “Jackie & Wilson”

The Legacy Lives On

As mentioned before, I spend many days of my childhood in the warm embrace of the Swiss mountains. Half of my immediate family lives here, and according to my grandfather I always drive the winding mountain roads as if I’ve been living here for years. I always remind myself that he thinks most people here drive like crazy bastards, but I take it as a compliment none the less.

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Slowing Down

It has taken me a little over a week this time to slow down to the pace of life people adhere to here. I’m in rural France, in the middle of nowhere really, staying with my parents, their dogs, Zoey’s mum, and a herd of Charolais cows in the pasture next to us.

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The To-do List At This Moment

I thought I had most bases covered. But the more I think about all the stuff I still have to take care off, the more I’m starting to see why it is so important to quit my job a month before I fly to Australia. Continue reading “The To-do List At This Moment”

Choices, Choices, Choices…

We all have so many crossroads demanding a choice to be made each day. One of mine today was “should I write this blog in Dutch, or in English?” Continue reading “Choices, Choices, Choices…”