Perth is the city that will become my new home. Now just like my page about The Hague, I’m not going to bore you with some numbers you can easily find online. I do like to point out some fun facts.
It’s the second most windy city in the world, and the second most isolated city in the world too. It’s actually so isolated that the nearest big city, is Indonesian, not even Australian.

Now I’ve been to Perth before, and I felt really at home there. A big factor in my decision to join Emma in Australia, instead of asking her to move over to Europe for me. It’s a huge city (at least to Dutch standards) but very little buildings with more than one or two stories. To me that makes it feel very spacious and open. It’s located on the Indian Ocean, and the Dutch were actually the first Europeans to land there. Back then we decided we didn’t like it and promptly left (sorry!).

As a newcomer to Perth, you identify some differences easier than others. As is to be expected. The tap water smells a bit like chlorine some days, everybody drives on the left, and it takes you longer to get to another part of town than it would take you to get to a different city in The Netherlands. But it’s the small differences you enjoy most. Blatantly proclaiming which articles are Australian made, and how you should buy those. ATM machines that let you deposit money too, something not as common in Europe, or a machine where you can deposit coins without attracting a ridiculous surcharge. For some reasons Dutch banks feel that depositing coins is a costly business and they should not be the victim of that.

Obviously there is so much more to tell about this city, therefore I will occasionally update this page, as I keep discovering more and more stuff.